Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Photographs…

I need to be more efficient when it comes importing pictures from my camera to my computer.  I don’t know why, but I seem to put it off forever.  Well, no more!  Here are some food photos from my backlog.  I love remembering the last few months through the lens.  

For Father’s Day I made a variation of my Dad’s favorite dessert (Bananas Foster).  May I introduce to you Banana Nutella Bread Pudding.  As you can imagine, this was pretty badass. 




A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to opening of The Soft Serve Fruit Co’s Union Square location.  I left with my first press kit and was pretty stoked to have been included (Thanks Malisa at Alison Brod PR!).  The Soft Serve Fruit Co serves delicious, healthy treats.  Each soft serve consists of only 3 ingredients (fruit, filtered water, organic cane sugar) and all the toppings are all natural.  I had the pleasure of trying a Crunchy Salty Sundae which was basically a dream in my mouth. 



That is a cup of banana soft serve, warm peanut butter, pretzels and chocolate chips.  Need I say more?

Oh wait, the best is yet to come.  No party is complete without cocktails, am I right?

An adorable mixologist concocted adult beverages using the fruit soft serve as a base.  This is my mango drink that tasted like, what I assume to be, nectar from the heavens. 


Last but not least, here is the tray and champagne flutes I used to create The Cupcaketologist’s “Floozies” for my parent’s July 4th party.  I became consumed with entertaining and neglected to take a photo of the final product.  You’ll just have to trust me…they turned out fantastic. 


What have y’all been up to? 

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