Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Style for Miles

One of my favorite things, is discovering a hidden talent among my friends.  One such friend, Jaime, has been one of the most fashionable people I know for the last twenty years.  We grew up together attending the same Hebrew School, day camp, and later sleep away camp.  In fact, the first day I had my license I drove straight to her house (a 15 minute drive), sending my Mom into a bit of a panic. 

For the five years we were in sleep away camp together she let me borrow (and keep) many a cute outfit, always encouraging me to talk to cute boys, and even though we don’t see or speak to each other often, we always start right back where we left off.  Jaime writes a rad blog, Stylebooze,  about all things Fashion.  She’s an incredible designer and even had her line of hand bags, Elledi, featured in a trunk show at Bendel’s here in NYC.  It’s so awesome to see one of your friends enjoying such well-deserved success. 

To conclude my fangirl post on all things Jaime, check out her website(s). 

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