Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I Surprisingly Am Into…

1.  Matt Nathanson’s nose ring.  I saw a clip of him singing Faster and it did, actually, make my heart beat faster. 

(There’s a 10 second commercial fist.  Trust me, it’s worth the short wait.)

2.  The MTA Bus.  Anything to avoid the sweatbox that is the subway on days like today.  The bus is air-conditioned heaven a short walk from my door. 

3.  White pants on men.  This is something I’m extremely into. 

4.  Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes.  His solo stuff is so good I actually had a pep in my step as I melted on the subway this morning.

5.  Leaving the TV off.  This week has been all about working later into the evenings with music blasting and rose in my hand.  I don’t miss the TV at all. 

What are you surprisingly into?

1 comment:

jocelyn said...

matt is going to be on the tonight show on 8.1! i always, always forget he has a nose ring.