Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I’ve Learned In The Past Seven Days…

1.  Do not walk on a metal grate while wearing flip flops in the rain. 

2.  Is it possible to start a weekend with no plans and end up spending close to no time in your apartment. 

3.  Madison Square park is the perfect sunbathing spot.  By sunbathing I mean not wear a bathing suit and sitting in the shade, of course.

4.  Beach clubs are underrated. 

5.  The Financial District is terrifying at 1am on a Saturday.

6.  I can have a glass of wine with my LA based Father every night if I want to.  It’s call Face Time boozing.  It’s even more fun with my sister thrown in the mix. 

7.  Walking home on a breezy evening is the cure for anything.  Well, almost anything.

8.  Just say yes.  Unless it’s against your moral beliefs or financially irresponsible, say yes.  I have been saying a way too much NO. 

9.  Listening is more fun than talking.  When was the last time you truly listened?  Not watching the other person speak while listening to your own thoughts or preparing your response, but just quietly listened.  You can’t be a good friend if you don’t really listen. 

10.  Say how you feel.  I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes considering I tend to be an emotional open book.  This may shock you, but when it comes to the opposite sex I tend to choose my words a little too carefully.  I wasn’t doing anyone any favors by doing this.  Say how you feel and do not apologize for it. 

11.  A night with my sister will inevitably end the same way:  watching YouTube videos, drinking wine, and crying.  Every.  Single.  Time.  The good news is I always discover a new crush. 

12.  Watch The Glee Project. 

What have you learned this week? 

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