Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things My Nanny (Maternal Grandmother) Said To Me Tonight

My Nanny is Polish and has an adorable accent.  This is verbatim what she said.  The italics are my comments.

1.  You need to call a Mrs. Feffer who organizes the Holocaust Memorial (on October 2nd) on Monday to discuss your speech. 

Oh yes, I’ll be the 3rd Generation Speaker this year.

2.  Your speech could be about my Birthright trip and how you feel about Israel. 

OK, I love my fellow Jews and Israel.  This should be no problem. 

3.  Maybe you’ll bring a friend or fellow (i.e. BOYFRIEND) to the cemetery this year since Jackie will bring Jason.  Wouldn’t that be nice, to have a fellow there?

Yes, it would be nice to have someone to get sunburned and bored with Jason for sure. 

4.  Remember that nice woman who gave you the packets to hand out?  The tall woman who was so nice and asked you and your sister to hand the packets out?  You need to call her and tell her about your speech.  Just tell her you’re going to talk about your Israel trip.  I know you are a good writer and will come up with someone good.  Maybe tell her you will start with your Birthright trip.  I trust you.

Apparently I will be telling the lovely Mrs.. Feffer who ambushed my family because we made the mistake of being an hour early into helping her set up in the sweltering heat resulting in my being severely sunburned on the left side of my body how I plan to talk about my Birthright trip during a speech I am not giving for two months. 

5.  God-willing we will all be there together at the cemetery. 

I hate when she says things like this.  Look, I know she’s not getting any younger, but I refuse to think of things in those terms.  I know how excited she is for me to be the speaker (My Mom spoke a few years ago as a Second Generation Survivor and was wonderful), so I just listened and am doing as I’m told.  I have threatened to read a poem in Haiku, but that idea didn’t go over too well. 

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Anonymous said...

great thing you are doing (and your nanny sounds cute.. and like every other jewish nanny out there). you should post your speech on your site when you're done. i'm sure it will be great.