Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For The Long Haul…

The other day I was enjoying a bagel and some people watching when an elderly couple walked by hand-in-hand.  Watching them walk (albeit slowly) together down the street was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever witnessed.  He was carrying her purse and shopping bag.  Carrying your wife’s purse?  Now that must be true love.

Watching them amble on got me thinking; what makes people stay together year after year?

With the divorce rater hovering around fifty percent I recognize what an accomplishment staying together truly is.  When you fall in love, you can’t imagine your life without this person.  You love going to sleep with them, you love waking up with them, you just really effing love them.  Then a few months go by and that cute slurping noise starts to drive you crazy and you start nagging.  Life happens.  People get sick, people get promotions, people are selfish, people cheat. 

So what makes them stay together day after day?  It makes me wonder if I have it in me.  To love someone enough to be with them forever.  After being single for so long I find it hard to make space in my life for someone else.  To really put someone else first.  Lately it’s been one of my biggest fears.  Am I destined to be single? 

Some people say discussing your fears helps to alleviate them.  So here’s to hoping that is true. 

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