Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Fresh Approach…

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a few new dating websites that had been brought to my attention.  One of them, Fish’N For took the idea of internet dating and gave it a personal touch.  I asked Marnie Fish, founder of FishN For, to answer a few questions for the blog:

1.  How did you come up with the idea to start a dating website?  What was the inspiration behind Fish'n For?

It made me really sad to see all my single friends constantly down after bad dates, bad breakups and just all around bad guys. Who were they going out with?! I wanted a safe way to get them to meet good guys - friends of friends. and it just turned into something bigger. I've always been a people person and love connecting people and networking. It just felt like a fun, good thing to, and I was good at it, so it just worked.

2.  How does Fish'n For differ from other dating websites such as JDate,, etc? 

There's no personal feel to websites nowadays. It's like you plug in our coordinates and they magically come up with a list of people "JUST LIKE YOU"... Fish'n for takes the time to look over your profile and compare it to every other person in our system. We have a team of 6 very dedicated staff members, available at all hours of the night answering emails and getting to know our clients. Honestly is what we pride ourselves on. If sparks don't fly we say buh bye!

3.  What criteria do you use to match people? 

We take the time to really try and match aspects of the profiles and not just hook up two cute people. If you are looking for a Rachel Bilson we aren't going to send you a Ke$ha. But, if everything else on your profiles seem like you'd be a great match, we will send information to both parties to see if they are interested in giving someone a shot.

4.  Take me through the Fish'n For process.  How exactly does the site work? 

You sign up at - Melissa, our recruiter sends you a questionnaire to fill out. Once you are in the system, Lauren and myself will go through our database and see if there is anyone in particular that could match. We send both of you information and see if you agree. Should you both be interested, we put you on a joint email, make suggestions about first dates based on your interests and wish you the best of luck. Nobody is taken out of the system unless you asked to be removed. So, while you're on a date with someone, you could be getting an email with three other matches. We aren't one hit wonders here - we are finding people that you are compatible with - whether it's for a friendship, just to meet someone new or much more.

5.  Do you have any advice for singles here in NYC? 

Don't give up and keep on dancing (seriously, dance, it's hot!) There are SO many more women in the city than there are men. Men - that doesn't mean you get to be shallow. Interestingly enough, the girls have been more open minded than the guys in our study at Fishnfor! Don't change who you are or what you want in another person, but be open minded. The perfect person might be standing next to you on the subway but you're acting too bitchy and self centered to give them the time of day... losen up!  Put a smile on, NYC!

What do you guys think?  Feel free to email me more questions for Marni!  Many thanks to Marni for allowing us a glimpse behind the scenes1

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