Monday, August 15, 2011


This is what’s up, blog friends:

1.  I took four trains this weekend.  NYC-Jones Beach-NYC-Westchester-NYC. 

2.  I sang and danced a lot on Friday night.  Adam Levine playing the guitar and dancing around is about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. 

3.  I’m into Dads.  Seeing a man who is great with kids is such a turn on.

4.  I could live on Greek food for the rest of my life.  In fact, I just might. 

5.  I will inevitably listen to the following bands while sunning myself at my parents:  The Beatles, DMB, Coldplay.  It’s like I’m at a frat house, except it’s spotless and it’s vino instead of Natty Ice. 

6.  My parents should have a reality show.  It’s like Archie Bunker married Lucille Ball…or something. 

7.  Attempting to read a complete article in The New Yorker while Grandmothers are present should be known as Mission Impossible.

8.  Speaking of The New Yorker, the article on Michelle Bachmann is both superbly written and absolutely terrifying.  I highly recommend checking it out here.

How was your weekend? 

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