Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Some Things…

1.  I have been on a boat (OK, a ferry), a train, and a van in the past few days.

2.  My beloved DVF weekend suitcase broke on Sunday morning minutes before we were scheduled to leave Fire Island.  It was awesome and not stressful at all.  I had to carry it instead of roll it since it would not close AT ALL. 

3.  I danced until dripping with sweat all weekend and it was glorious. 

4.  I saw some of my camp friends who I very rarely see.  It was really fun. 

5.  I (stupidly) decided to blow dry my hair the second night and blew a circuit in our B&B.  Woops.

6.  I am really good at flip cup.  So is JV. 

7.  My abs are seriously sore from the amount of laughing I’ve done in the past week.  So much funny stuff.

8.  Eating salads in front of boys is stupid.  Order the pasta, bagel and GO TO TOWN. 

9.  Old friends are the best. 

So what’s going on with y’all? 

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