Monday, August 8, 2011

Losing Your Grip…

This past week was just one of those weeks when everything was aggravating.  I fought with people I really love, could not sleep for the life of me, and had some unpleasant meetings.  I was on edge all the time and just generally pretty miserable.  I felt like things were slipping away.

In keeping with my awful mood, I listened to sad music, wrote a lot on both of my blogs, had long cranky phone conversations with my friends, took long sweaty walks, and consumed cold beer.  When I feel sad or “off” my mind always drifts back to that first awful heartbreak.  You know the one I’m talking about.  Where it was so obviously slipping away, but instead of letting it go, you held on tighter.  This morning I was perusing my favorite blogs while having my coffee and I came across this brilliance by Erin Foster:

The way that we swim against the tide. When someone pulls away we try pulling them closer. It pushes them further. The way that one person’s indifference creates an others panic.

I mean, come on.  I couldn’t have said it better myself, obviously.  It happens in all types of relationships, romantic/platonic, it doesn’t matter.  You can tell someone is on their way out and your first thought is to block the doorway.  This usually ends with a lot of tears, frustration, and confusion.  Naturally, there is a perfect soundtrack to such devastation.  If I had to create a sad song hierarchy it is clear who would come out on top.  Oh yes, the one the only Phil Collins.  He says everything you wanted to say but didn’t in the feeble attempt to appear to keep it together.  Leave it to Phil to put it all out there. 

Could it get any better?

And since I’m going there, I might as well just really go there.  Here is another sad sack favorite of mine.  Sung by the master of seduction himself, Mr. John Mayer. 

And finally.  Go big (and cheesy) or go home. 

Who can forget Kelly and Zack breaking up as this song played? 

There you have it, my super cranky leave-me-alone-or-I-will-snap playlist. 

Happy Monday, I guess.

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