Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Hi blog friends. Unfortunately I'm having major computer issues this week. My computer is currently in the capable hands of the Geek Squad and will hopefully be back in action later this week. I hope everyone made it through Irene without any major damange. I was lucky enough to camp out at my friend D's apartment and have a little hurricane party. Here are some things from the last few days.

1 I watched the movie "Cocktail" for the first time. I had totally forgotten how sexy Tom Cruise used to be. It's such a shame he went all Scientology crazy.

2. I learned to play Backgammon. It only took three people instructing me and two games before I was hooked.

3. I drank my weight in white wine. Hey, it was a party after all.

4. I cried in front of three different Best Buy employees. It has taken two days and several, hour long phone calls to diagnose the problem.

5. I read One Day < in One Day. I stayed up until 2am reading last night because I simply could not put the book down. Such a beautiful book. Of course I was sobbing by the end.

That is akk for now. Happy Tuesday!

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