Monday, August 22, 2011

Things That Make Me Irrationally Angry…

Apparently I’m all about the lists today, but please bear with me.

1.  Fashion bloggers.  Don’t get my wrong, I frequent many fashion blogs, but I simply cannot understand how they looked so perfectly coiffed in the middle of a NYC summer.  Do they not sweat?  This my jealousy talking.

2.  Slow walkers.  Get out of my way.  I have places to be and by places I usually mean some sort of meal.

3.  Mobile uploads containing the following:  photos of flowers received from a BF, photos of engagement rings, photos of sonograms.  There’s a thing called email, people. 

4.  Making money from your wedding.  I’m looking at you, Kardashian clan.  Aren’t some things the slightest bit private?  I understand they have a reality show, but do you really need to sell the photos to People Magazine for millions (not donated to charity a la Reese Witherspoon) and get paid by E! and get free shit from wedding vendors?  A bit aggressive, no?

5.  Slow text responders.  Texts should be returned within an hour or so.  How busy are you? 

6.  Voicemails.  Unless you have something urgent to tell me, I will see you have called and return your call.  Do not leave me a voicemail saying you called to say Hi. 

7.  Men wearing any combination of grey/khaki.  Have I taught you nothing?

Well, now I feel better.  What’s eating you today?

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