Friday, August 26, 2011

This Could Really Be Something…

Six years ago today I began my senior year of college.  Typing that sentence makes me want to cry and laugh simultaneously.  It was the beginning of the wildest year of my life.  I had the luxury in living in a huge four bedroom apartment with four other girls.  I had the double (obviously) and our room was so ridiculously disproportionately large that we both had king size beds.  By king size I mean two college-style twin beds pushed together, naturally.  It was ghetto fabulous.  I remember the first moment I stepped into a nearly empty apartment.  I was taken back by how much crap we needed.  All of my best friends lived in that same farmhouse style building that my Dad pointed out could go up in flames in 30 seconds.  We began the many Wal-Mart and Target trips (oh how I miss huge empty Target in State College, PA!!) and began to really settle in.

That first night we sat around a table, about twenty of us guy and girls, all living together in this crazy building that didn’t have a lock on the front door.  We had so much ahead of us and could not be happier.  We toasted to the year ahead and many more good times to come.  We could not have known how much fun was waiting for us inside those walls.  It was mayhem and that’s putting it lightly. 

The beginning:



I just can’t believe its been six years.  Senior year of college was the most fun I’ve had over an extended period of time in  my entire life.  I learned how to really live with people and how to just let go and have fun.  I drank more beer, smoked more, um, cigarettes, and laughed more than I ever imagined.  The beginning of something new is always filled with smiles and anxiety, but I can honestly say I moved out of that building just as happy as I moved in.  I have a bond with my roommates that can never be broken, although we seem to keep trying.  I digress.

The end:


My point is, I’m so old I can’t believe I started my senior year six years ago. I think this calls for some sort of celebration.  A hurricane themed party perhaps!

Happy Weekend!  Hope y’all are safe!

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Ashley @ Hop Skip Jump said...

Or how about a hurricane from G-Man instead!!