Tuesday, August 23, 2011


After yesterday’s crankfest, today has been far more pleasant all around.  I figure since I’ve been all about the lists I would do a list of things that make me very happy today:

1.  I slept with my windows wide open and no AC last night!  Sure, I ended up using only a top sheet, but it was worth it to have some fresh air!  Well, there was that 4am wakeup due to throat dryness and profuse perspiration, but once again it was totally worth it. 

2.  This weather.  I mean low humidity and high 70’s in late August?  This must be the weather in heaven…and LA obviously. 

3.  The fact that Fall is approaching.  I love me a nice NYC Fall complete with comfy scarves and a soft cardigan.  I swear I actually look better in the Fall.

4.  The newspaper clipping my Grandmother sent me about writing.  It didn’t really apply to my life in any way, but it’s always amusing to get newspaper clippings from your Grandmother.  Am I right?

5.  An exciting meeting on Thursday.  So exciting!

6.  I’m back to my all black attire.  It’s cool enough to pull it off!  Nothing says cynical New Yorker like a nice black on black ensemble!  Don’t worry I’ve added the perfect accessory. 

7.  My Fall Preview New York Magazine waiting for me at home. 

8.  My Vampire Weekend Pandora station.  Guaranteed to be a mood booster every time. 

9.  My straight hair.  Sometimes spending the extra ten minutes to look remotely attractive makes all the difference in the world. 

What’s making you happy today?

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