Friday, August 12, 2011

A Very Happy List…

Things I’m Happy About Today:

1.  The Maroon 5/Train concert tonight at Jones Beach.  Due to Gavin DeGraw’s drunken brawl, my future husband Matt Nathanson will be opening.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Between the water in the background, the ridiculously sexy and talented men on stage and some great friends by my side, there is just so much goodness all around. 

2.  Relaxing by a pool tomorrow.  I will be running (against my will, I’m sure), reading, drinking, and listening to music in the sun. 

3.  The low humidity.  Is this weather a joke?  It’s just too good to be true.  I’m sure I will be punished for choosing straight hair today at some point. 

4.  Getting behind the wheel.  I need to get out on the open road this weekend.  Hey Mom & Dad, can I borrow a car?  It doesn’t get more High School than that! 

5.  Having a really honest conversation with a close friend.  A weight has been lifted!

6.  This Peter Gabriel Pandora station.  I mean Genesis, Phil Collins, U2, this is just INSANE. 

7.  This dress.  Lots of color…lots of blue.

8.  The realization that I get to dance until I embarrass myself/my friends tonight.  A good dance-off does a body good. 

What’s making you happy today?

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