Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekends Are For…

1.  Early dinner/Discount shopping in Queens with my Grandmother. 

2.  A long walk for a cold beer.  Worth it. 

3.  Hours of I Love Lucy.  More hours than I care to admit.  I was laughing so loud I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts. 

4.  A little culture.  And by culture I mean standing in line for 3.5 hours at The Met to see the McQueen exhibit.  There’s nothing like waiting for the last day.  The exhibit itself was stunning but, after waiting so long I would have gladly waited 20 minutes more to have the room to actually get close to the clothes.  Oh and breath.  Breathing would have been nice. 

5.  Sharing an iPod with JV while we waited.  Lots of girly 80’s music was enjoyed. 

6.  Refueling with a $5 Margherita and some healthy (yeah, right) snacks after standing for so long without fluids. 

7.  Finally jumping on the bandwagon and starting Hunger Games.

8.  Listening to a brilliant episode of “This American Life” on break-ups.   Starlee Kine is my hero.  Oh and their list of break-up songs is no joke.  Listen to the episode here

Things That Did Not Happen This Weekend:

1.  Sunbathing of any kind.

2.  Swimming of any kind.

How was your weekend?

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