Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy Day Reflections…

Today is cold and rainy and I’m into it.  This past weekend was filled with lots and lots of family time and I was in desperate need of some alone time. 

Here are some things I did this weekend, in no particular order:

1.  Watched 3/4 of Something Borrowed.  Not nearly as good as the book, but a valiant effort. 

2.  Watched US Open tennis.  My Dad is an avid tennis player and I have grown up loving tennis.  Please do not misunderstand what I’m saying, I am a pathetic tennis player.  I just enjoy watching others play.  This actually deserves its own post, but I’ll just list a few of my current favorites:

a.  The All-American boy: Andy Roddick.  Adorable, with a bit of an edge.  Don’t eff with him, line judges.

b.  The Legend: Rodger Federer.  It’s like watching a swan (or something more masculine) play tennis.  He never looks tired or upset.  He looks like he could beat you in his sleep.  Don’t even get me started on his Nike headbands.  Love it.

c.  The Star: Novak Djokovic.  He’s my current obsession.  Fun to watch, with a fantastic sense of humor.  I like that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  I mean he’s lost two matches in the last year.  The boy can hit a tennis ball. 

d.  The Comeback Kid:  Mardy Fish.  First of all, I love me a Jewish athlete.  Second, the boy has lost 30 pounds and reinvigorated his career at 29.  That’s old for a tennis player.  Plus, he’s a total puppy. 

3.  Went on an actual hike.  I grew up 10 minutes from Bear Mountain and some spectacular views of the Hudson River, but I haven’t hiked there since fifth grade.  This weekend my entire family went on a very sweaty hike for an hour.  It was just enough time for a little complaining and my Mother to freak out over some steep almost rock climbing. 

4.  Walked across the Bear Mountain Bridge.  The views were pretty ridiculous. 

5.  Visited my long forgotten favorite hippie coffee shop.  I indulged in some mocha deliciousness.  It was worth it.

6.  Read back issues of The New Yorker.  The article on Timothy Ferris was my favorite.  What an interesting character. 

7.  Slept in a twin bed. 

8.  Ate too many tapas in Greenwich, CT.  There’s nothing like a restaurant packed with drunk 30-Something Hedge Funders. 

9.  Listened to far too much Cat Stevens.  The First Cut is the Deepest has been on repeat in my head all the livelong day. 

10.  Had several almost tantrums.  I completely regress in the presence of my parents. 

11. Listened to sentences that start with: “when you bring someone home….”

12.  Attempted to really get into Hunger Games to no avail.

13.  Drank wine at every opportunity. 

14.  Sat almost exclusively on my parents back porch; the perfect indoor/outdoor experience.

15.  Laughed really really really hard.

How was your weekend?

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Alyssa said...

# 11 is so my fav.