Monday, September 26, 2011

Seasons of Love…

Well, blog friends, Fall has officially arrived.  Obviously Mother Nature has other plans, but technically Summer has gone by the wayside.  I’m not sad, either.  This weekend was the first weekend in months that I had a full weekend of city activities.  It was nice.  Restaurants, bars, apartments, brunches, movie couch time, long walks, more eating, and best friend/sister time. 

l find Fall to be the most romantic of seasons.  The leaves change, it’s chilly enough to want to snuggle close, but not freezing enough to cause misery.  Lots of Holidays to cook (aka force feed my loved ones) for and I go on my annual “sit in front of as many fireplaces as humanly possible” scavenger hunt around NYC.  Like a moth to a flame…or something.

Anyway, my point is I love Fall so very much.  I die for a cozy scarf and comfy layers.  Put me in boots and a trench and I glow.  Gone are the days of excessive perspiration and sticky encounters on public transportation.  Hello hot toddies and chilly walks in the park.  This is my season of love, for sure.  This Fall I plan to have a passionate love affair with my city.  Get ready New York City, I’m comin’ for ya!!

Happy Fall, y’all. 

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