Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Dreams…

Since this week is devoted to all things love, commitment, and wedded matrimony I figure a list of things I dream of having at my wedding is in order:

1.  Little twinkly lights.  Outside, obviously.

2.  Big flowers in autumn colors: burgundy, purples, earth tones.

3.  Fantastic wine.

4.  Crisp weather.  I am no sort of summer bride.  Too sweaty.  Too frizzy for this girl. 

5.  Lace and tulle.  I’ve discovered my inner girly girl in the last few years.  She requires lace and tulle. 

6.  A serious dance party.  I’m talking dripping in sweating, singing at the top of my lungs, feet throbbing, but never stopping to catch our breath type of situation.

7.  A 90’s cover band.  Yes, I just thought of that this second, but I’m kind of into it. 

Now all I need is a groom.  I’ll be accepting applications immediately. 

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