Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Women I Admire…A Series:

I’m going to do the Top Ten Women I Most Admire.  Since I’ve been focusing so much on my Grandmother I figure I’d start with her.  She’s pretty rad.

10.  Renee Silverstein.  She’s 86 years young.  Holocaust survivor.  Former lingerie model.  I am serious.  She was 5’5” (she’s shrunk a bit) with a killer figure and had just moved to the States with my Grandfather and no money.  She managed to raise one daughter (my Mother) and run a successful business.  All the while dressed to the nines.  Every.  Single.  Day.  The woman does not own a pair of jeans or sneakers.  What do you think she is?  An animal?  She has the cutest little Polish accent which kept my sister and I laughing throughout most of our childhood and her chicken soup is so good I’m convinced it’s nectar from the Gods.  She has also gifted me most of my vintage bag/jewelry collection and those priceless gems have kept me from looking homeless in recent years. 

It doesn’t hurt that she tells me I’ve lost weight every time she sees me.  I’m her oldest grandchild and she always makes me feel beautiful and special.  My Nanny (as I lovingly refer to her) has taught me the importance of family and in two weeks she will be taking my Mother, Sister and I on a girls only trip to Paris.  She has traveled much of the world, but has never feasted her eyes upon the City of Lights and I could not be happier to share this experience with her.  For all the love, food, jewelry, and laughs, I say thank you.  You’re one classy broad, Nanny.

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jocelyn said...

your nanny IS cute - i love her accent!