Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer…

I’m back.  So sorry for my long absence, but last week, was on of the busiest in recent memory.  My schedule has returned to normal and I’m gazing longingly outside at this amazing weather.  Since you (well, I’ve) been gone, I have celebrated Yom Kippur, which included a day of fasting.  I also was finally able to replicate an apple cake my Great Aunt used to make.  Third times a charm, as they say. 

Oh and I’m leaving for Paris on Saturday evening.  That meant most of yesterday was spent doing research and creating an itinerary to satisfy two twenty-something's, one Mom, and one Grandmother.  Oh and a Dad whose swooping in to save the day (or three days, actually) at the tail end of the trip. 

So, what have I missed?

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