Monday, October 3, 2011

Wisdom of the Day…

We get lost in this daydream of us without cellulite. In it, naturally, we are kind of in a cotton commercial. We are running through a field of some type of pretty flower and our hair is blowing in the wind and the sunset cast an orange light on us that is super flattering and we are, of course, wearing some sexy jean short cut-offs to show those cellulite-free stems of ours. When we picture this perfect version of ourselves sans cellulite, we can’t imagine a man who wouldn’t want to be with her. You could SQUEEZE her leg and not find cellulite! We decide that this is clearly the thing holding us back. We wouldn’t want to be with someone who has nasty cellulite either. We figure it’s probably fair that we’re alone.

-Erin Foster’s Single Girls Guide this week is spot on. 

Monday Confession:  I dream of looking like a dime in cut-off shorts on the regular.  Scary, but true.

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