Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boys, A Little Advice

I’ve made some very important observations today.  I hope you boys (however few read this blog) find them helpful:

1.  If you are in the process of tucking in your t-shirt, think again.  It most likely looks much better un-tucked.  This especially goes for a plain white tee.  Not members of the band, but the actual shirts. 

2.  Speaking of t-shirts, it’s okay to wear a size small.  If you have a thin frame, good for you.  No really, relish it.  Be proud and wear a t-shirt that actually fits.  Baggy t-shirts fall into the chunky white sneaker category; meaning NEVER OKAY. 

3.  Yelling “heyyyy gurrlll” to a lady on the street is no way to get her attention.  I respond much better to “heyyyy sexxyyyy.” 

4. Refrain from referring to me as buddy, my friend, dude and the like.  I’m a girl, dude. 

5.  If you’re pushing and pushing and pushing a door and it doesn’t open, try pulling it.  That may seem overly simple, but I’ve watched over ten guys struggling with the same damn door. PULL!

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