Monday, November 14, 2011


So I’ve made a lot of promises on this blog.  Like, a lot.  I was dining (al fresco) with bestie JV last night and somehow the topic of Weight Watchers came up.  She asked, “whatever happened to that?”  So I said oh well after I lost ten pounds I just sorta gave up.  I got complacent.  Now I have Cabo looming on January 7th. 

I cherish that week with my family.  It’s always lots of sun, food, beach, booze, and adventure.  I hate that I find myself dreading putting on my bathing suit every year.  I hate being the lone tankini in a sea of string bikinis…and by sea I mean my sister, obviously. 

So I’d like to officially announce my first ever weight loss challenge.  I’ve always said I want to lose weight blah blah and I’ll lose some, gain some, get busy, stop prioritizing my health and happiness and be back at square one.  I have never come up with a real plan.  Or I start to discuss my plan on the blog and then give up.  Well, that’s just super lame.  So  I have 7.5 weeks until I need to be on a plane. 

Here’s my challenge: 10 pounds gone.  I am shaking just typing this.  It needs to be gone.  I’m just over these 10 pounds of lard.  OVER IT!  So, won’t you join me?  Even if you don’t have any weight to lose, I’d love to hear what has worked for you in the past.  I’m going to post my workout schedule for each week beginning on Monday.  I’ll be returning to my Weight Watchers group tomorrow night for some extra support. 

As fun as being a glutton has been the past two months, I feel lethargic and soft.  Lethargy and lard, do not a confident woman make.  So, it’s time to say peace out to the first 10 (let’s be real I could lose a bit more).  Wish me luck!

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