Monday, November 7, 2011

Crazy For…

I cried a lot yesterday.  It was Marathon Day here in New York City and the marathon route is literally outside my door.  Every year I spend a good portion of Marathon Day in my neighborhood cheering on the runners and taking in the energy.  For some reason I find the marathon tear inducing.  Everyone once in a while a runner will spot their loved ones and then I really lose it.  It’s just such an accomplishment; one that I cant imagine ever participating in.  Yet every year I think maybe I should try.  So I cried and cheered and cried with my sister for a few hours. 

Fast forward about five hours to a crowded, dark movie theater in Union Square and the tears are falling again.  I’m watching Like Crazy and losing my shit.  So so so good, in a “hurts so good” type of way.  When I read that much of the movie was improvised I was blown away!  This is not a romantic comedy.  This is a realistic view of a long distance romance.  It was raw.  The music was unreal.  The acting was superb.  My face actually hurt from crying.  It made me think a lot about romance and honesty and London.  I loved it. 

Here’s my favorite song from the movie.  Enjoy!  Oh and I know I shouldn’t quit my day job and become a movie critic, just go with it.

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