Monday, November 28, 2011

Gnarly, Cyber Monday

Monday’s can be tough.  Mondays after a long, holiday weekend can be super tough.  After a sleepless weekend filled with a lot of family time, I’m feeling a little under the weather. 

Since I’m feeling a bit blah today, I figure I would give you my workout plan for the week and then some stuff that makes me smile.  Ok?

Tuesday: Spin, Wednesday: Refine Method, Thursday: Couch to 5k, Saturday: Refine Method, Sunday:  We’ll see. 

1.  Fall foliage.  I had the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll in Central Park last week and I love a good rust-colored leaf. 

2.  The Hudson Line.  The train ride up to my parents is gorgeous.  We basically follow the Hudson River 50 miles north and enjoy the beautiful views. 

3.  Coming home.  You know you’re a real grownup when you sleep better in your city apartment than your childhood bedroom.  My apartment is my little slice of New York City and I LOVE it.

4.  Surprises.  A small gesture goes a long way with me. 

5.  Laughing with my Dad and Sister.  Once we get going, we can’t really can’t stop.  There are no two people who make me laugh harder.  Well, there is someone who comes in a close third. 

6.  Driving.  Mom, Dad can I borrow the car?  A question I never thought I’d be excited to ask.  When you live in New York City and rely and on your own two feet and the MTA, it’s wonderful to get in a car and just go

7.  George Clooney.  I saw The Descendants yesterday afternoon with girlfriends.  Need I say more?

8.  Faux Leather Leggings.  I basically lived in my American Apparel pair all weekend.  A little bad-assery goes a long way in dealing with three generations of women under one roof for several days. 

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