Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Hey, Hump Day…

Today has been interesting.  I made a few changes in my workout schedule so I’ll update you guys accordingly.  Last night I took a Refine Method class, which was brutal.  As you all know, I’m out of shape.  Today the slight incline on First Avenue felt like Mount Everest. 

I could not blow dry my hair this morning.  I simply could not hold the dryer over my head for more than 30 seconds.  A messy curly bun was necessary.  Lucky for me I do not have to see any of my clients in person today so I was able to dress like a slob or as I like to call it, comfy chic. 

So tonight there will a long walk in my future to stretch my sore muscles and tomorrow will either be spin or couch to 5k and then back to regularly planed programming. 

This whole working on my fitness thing feels pretty good.  I mean that in a hurts so good kind of way, of course.

See ya in my bikini!

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