Thursday, December 1, 2011

December to Remember…

…just like the Lexus commercials will have us believe, December is a very special month.  It’s both a beginning (of my 29th year of life) and an end (of 2011).  My birthday is a week from tomorrow and in typical Shanna fashion I’ve been thinking wish lists, love songs, delicious treats, and fireplace snuggles. 

The past few birthdays I have, embarrassingly enough, dreaded.  This year I am ready for the big 2-8.  Late twenties, I’m here and I’m ready to tango.  I have a fabulous night of celebrating planned and I plan to cherish every moment. 

This year has been interesting.  Really interesting.  I’ve learned a lot about myself; about what I want and what I’m willing to do to have it.  I’ve learned when to walk away.  I’ve learned to be more patient, to be a better listener, and a better friend.  I’ve learned it’s never too late to say how you feel.  I’ve learned that the people who matter will always be there, even when you’re making mistakes.  I’ve learned that being supportive is more important than being right.  I’ve learned that being alone is better than being somewhere in between. 

I’ve learned to say okay sooner.  I’ve learned to accept and extend last minute invitations.  I’ve learned a glass of wine can make almost anything better.  I’ve learned to accept what I can’t control; a painful lesson for this control freak.  I’ve learned the importance of a good hug.  I’ve learned no one can read my mind, therefore I must speak it, however uncomfortable I may feel.  I’ve learned that a sense of humor is the quickest way to my heart.  Last, but certainly not least, I’ve learned to say thank you or I’m sorry…and mean it. 

Happy December!!!

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