Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Embarrassing...

When the following things occur.  These are in no particular order:

1.  You are measured for an item of clothing.  Or anything really.  
2.  Tripping on the street.  Or down the subway stairs.  Or into a room.
3.  Hearing the words:  I just want to be friends.
4. Calling someone by the wrong name.  Even if it's just a sight variation.  Shannon is not the same as Shanna.  Just sayin.
5.  Telling someone you love them for the first time.  Regardless of their response it's nervous diarrhea inducing.
6.  When you realize you've been singing "D'yer Ma'ker" out loud on the subway.
7.  Getting caught staring at the unbelievably sexy guy in the waiting room.
8.  Sneezing one of those gross sneezes.  You know what I mean.
9.  Taking out your WW bar code scanning App and scanning random things while in line for Starbucks.
10.  Sending a text/gchat/iMessage to the wrong person.  CAUGHT.
11.  Running into a former date/lover/boyfriend/crush on your way home from a workout.  I don't glow, I drip sweat.
12.  That moment in the conversation when you oh my god I can't think of anything to say oh my god.
13.  A first date.  Period.
14.  Wearing the same outfit as your much skinnier friend.
15.  Wearing the same outfit as your much skinnier sister.
16.  Explaining your dating status to your Dad.
17.  Receiving thinly veiled dating advice from your Dad.
18.  Attending a black tie family affair alone.
19 .  Being asked the question:  Why are you single?
20.  Seeing a picture of an outfit you thought was amazing...and realizing it looked awful.
21.  Bursting into tears on the street, in a movie theater, on a bus, or in a cab.

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