Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ohhhhh Mexico...

...sounds so sweet with the sun settin' low.  I love me some James Taylor to get me in the vacation mood. Here's a short list of things I'm looking forward to in the next week:

1.  Temperatures above 30 degrees.
2.  Sunshine.  Oh the sunshine.
3.  Laughing with my sister.
4.  Complaining with my sister.
5.  Surfing with my Dad.
6.  Eating with Jason.
7.  Authentic Margaritas.
8.  The ocean.
9.  White pants.
10.  Curly hair.
11.  Sun-kissed skin.
12.  Two words:  hot.  tub.
13.  Falling asleep to the ocean outside my window.
14.  Waking up with the ocean outside my window.
15.  A day on a large boat.  Feelin' fancy.
16.  My family.
17.  A much needed change of scenery.

I shall see you all on the flip side.  By flip side I mean next weekend!


P.S.  Here's my musical moment of the day:

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