Friday, January 20, 2012

That Funny Feeling...

...when you realize you're favorite coffee shop is out of soup, salads, and yogurt and you realize you're about to order a bagel and you completely start sweating and freak out because you're on WW.  Then, you look up the points values of a whole wheat bagel and light cream cheese and find it fits quite nicely into your points today and breath a sigh of relief.  There is no "good" or "bad."  I just have to keep tracking and tracking and eating more veggies and tracking some more.  Sweet lord, this is not easy.

In happier news, it's Friday!  I plan on having a totally crazy Friday night, also known as a movie on my couch.  Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Shanna, I had that SAME experience today, and oddly enough it involved a bagel and light cream cheese! Ha!

Although, I've just finished off the last of my points for the day and I'm DYING for a brownie. Damn. Pain is beauty and all that...

Keep it up! :)