Thursday, February 9, 2012

Accept, Forgive, Release

It is officially February 9th, which means I have been 28 for two months. A lot has happened in this short time. I've been incredibly sad, doubting my gut, and fighting my ego, which some days I thought would never quiet.

I've also been incredibly happy - making the decision to get healthy and shed the weight that's been a symptom of a far larger problem. It's been tumultuous and frustrating, yet the most satisfying two months I can remember.

I feel happier, stronger, and healthier everyday. I'm so grateful for the encouraging comments I've received in the last few weeks, I cannot thank you enough. Having an outlet has been essential.

And for those who may be dealing with a beaten up heart or a few extra pounds lets tackle this stuff head on.

As my favorite guru, Gabby Bernstein, has said time and time again: accept, forgive, and release.

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