Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The British Are Coming...

First of all, I have a pretty serious staring problem.  If you are a cute guy I will stare at you and not in a cute flirty way - in a shy, creepy way.  I cannot help myself.  Maybe this is why I'm single.  Today alone, I have demonstrated my staring skills no less than five times before catching myself.  Is there going to be a full moon tonight or something?  I digress.

Since I have all things handsome men on the brain, I figure I'll take this hump day to discuss cute boys.  See what I did there?  It is widely documented that I am a sucker for accents, long hair, tattoos, and all things most likely inappropriate for a proper relationship.  That information aside, there are a few British boys that have had my full attention lately, if you know what I mean.

1.  Tom Hardy.  I mean, seriously with that bad boy charm and sophisticated accent.


2.  OK, actually there is no number 2 right now.  It's Tom Hardy day, every day.  I seriously need to get a life this week.

Happy Hump Day (and Leap Day!)!!!

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