Monday, February 27, 2012

City of Brotherly...And Sisterly Love

I managed to pack a lot of fun into two short days.  JV and I headed down to Philly (on the luxurious Bolt Bus) on Saturday morning.  The next two days were filled with brunches, booze, and inappropriate jokes.  Oh and some toddler dancing.  Yes, there is video proof that I danced with a toddler.

See Mom, I'm good with kids!

The rest of the weekend was spent just catching up.  Really catching up.  When you don't live walking distance (or across the hall) from your best friends anymore, you begin to realize how much upkeep a friendship needs.  I could go into the whole relationship as a plant analogy, but you hopefully get what I'm saying.  Modern technology has helped tremendously.  I was chatting with a client last week about staying in touch with friends while in college.  He recalled a time before email and cell phones.  I joked about calling my friends' dorm rooms freshman year before we'd all exchanged cell phone numbers (about ten years ago) and how I'm fairly certain I'd be friendless if it not for gchat.

OK, enough of my rant on the wonder that is Google.  Here are a couple of pictures from this weekend.  If I look scarily happy it's because I am.  Apparently leaving this tiny island every once in a while does wonders for the soul.  Many thanks to J and B for hosting us!  Love you guys!

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