Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In A Movie... a movie there would be a fun montage of me working out, eating salad, and kissing a cute boy.  Then I would wake up skinny and all would be right with the world.  In a movie I would walk around in heels all day looking effortlessly cool.  In a movie, Jimmy Fallon would play my long-term, live-in boyfriend.  We would live downtown, naturally, and laugh over dinner.  We would be that couple.  You know, the couple at the restaurant who talk and talk and laugh and laugh and look so effing cute you could die.  Yes, that would be us.  The Cohen-Fallons.

In a movie the boy would fall in love with his best friend.  In a movie I would work for a glossy magazine, yet have enough money for that huge loft.  This job would require me to wear the latest fashions.  Leggings would only be for days spent inside my apartment.  In a movie my hair would air dry perfectly wavy.  Each day it would look totally different, yet always perfect.  In a movie...

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