Monday, February 6, 2012


Didn't post today, but as I lay in bed (yay iPhone) typing this I can say I handled the Super Bowl party food choices quite well. I drank more than I ate, which left me feeling a bit, ahem, under the weather this morning, but instead of eating greasy food I made super healthy choices all day. Lots of veggies and water.

Two months ago I would have carb loaded all the live long day in an attempt to feel better. Now it's all about water, green juices, and a long lunchtime walk.

Tomorrow is weigh day and I'm hoping it's another loss. I am "cautiously optimistic" as the annoying people say. I have already decided that any loss should be celebrated (with a pat on the back, not food), but to be honest I really really hope for more than a pound. I'm ready for my next five pound star. So, so ready.

OK, bed time. Lots of love, blog friends.

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