Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weigh Update...

Apparently I had one too many pretzels this weekend while sitting on the couch with my besties.  I am up .8lbs and none too pleased about it.  If I don't track, even for 24 hours, all hell apparently breaks loose.  I was so tempted to leave after my weigh in and not sit through the meeting, but I felt like I've come this far and any extra support is worth my time.

Turns out, the meeting was about the importance of exercise.  I walked with a ton of great ideas to make fitness more manageable.  A lot of times I look around the room at a WW meeting and think I'm not like them, they have no self-control.  Other times I look around and think thank God there are people out there who understand what I'm going through.  Today's meeting was most definitely the latter.  I needed to be reminded that despite my surroundings I am in control of what goes into my body and the healthier choice is ALWAYS the better choice.

.8 is easily losable, this much I am sure of.  The question is, what am I willing to sacrifice to reach my goal?  I can eat whatever I want, just not all at once.  Tracking is not an option, it needs to happen the same day as the eating.  Whenever I wait, I seem to miss things.  Such was the case this weekend.  However, I am not making any excuses.  Although, this post sort of feels like one long excuse.  I'm just attempting to get all the negative thoughts out of my head.  I am not giving up, which makes me proud.  I just made myself a delicious and healthy dinner and gave myself a huge pat on the back for spinning last night and my workout plans tomorrow night.  You gotta celebrate all the positives you can while on this journey.

Here's to more success next week!

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