Monday, March 12, 2012

On Being 'Bad'

Today I will keep it short and sweet.  You're welcome.

I do not believe in "good" food days and "bad" food days.  I made the commitment to track what I eat and I do that.  I have no foods that are off-limits.  This is not a diet.  I am slowly changing my lifestyle and body.  In fact I ate a bagel today.  I have them once a week or so when I'm in the mood.  I had sangria this weekend.  I enjoyed a night out with friends.  The only rule I  made for myself when I began my WW journey was that I would abandon all notions of being "bad."  I won't be part of any conversation that is not encouraging when it comes to food.  I simply can't.  I have come too far to be bogged down with GOOD weekdays and BAD weekends.  Food isn't good or bad.  It is just food.

So many of my issues around food start with guilt.  The past two months have taught me that after I've eaten a meal it's over.  I track it and MOVE ON.  None of this happened overnight, but it is the only thing that has worked for me.  I have absolutely no rules when it comes to food.  Food no longer has that power  over me.  I make the best possible choices I can, but I am not perfect.  My WW leader reminds everyone that perfection is not required to be successful on the program.  She says it every single meeting.  I say it to myself every single day.  This is not an excuse to stop tracking and eat crappy foods that I don't even like, it's to keep me doing the exact opposite.  When nothing is off limits, there is no reason to stuff my face one day.  I am never "rebelling."  I am never having a CHEAT day or  BAD day.  There is no diet to cheat from.

It is the most liberating thing I've ever done for myself.  I set myself free.  Come join me on this side, folks, there's plenty of room over here.

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