Friday, March 30, 2012

Sup, Weekend...

So it's Friday afternoon here in NYC.  I am happy to have a weekend completely free of plans save for The Hunger Games movie and a complete closet overhaul.  The blog has been feeling a big heavy - weighed down by emotional baggage, and talk of points.  (See what I did there?)  Well, in honor of the weekend I have decided to lighten things up.  Literally.  Sometimes I worry that people in my life will find this blog (the ones who don't already read religiously, hi Mom) and think I'm this sad, single girl.

The truth of the matter is, I laugh more than I cry.  I smile more than would be considered normal.  I make jokes at inappropriate times.  I read street signs aloud to entertain myself, right JV and Allie?  I love to travel and explore new places.  I can sit outside in my favorite scarf with a drink and people watch for hours.  I devour new music.  I dance my ass off.  I can tell you the color of everyones' eyes I meet.  I really listen when people speak to me.  I will sit and talk to you until you're blue in the face.  My sister and I will ruin any show you attempt to watch in our presence with our incessant singing and dancing.  I laugh until it hurts, every single day.

My point is, I'm awesome.  I kid.  Sort of.  I live a very lucky life.  My ramblings on singledom and heartbreak do not paint a complete picture.  My weight does not define me.  I have been happier in the last few months than I have been in years.  I feel things shifting, ever so slightly, for the better.  I feel braver.  I feel thinner.  I feel happier.  I want to share it; yell it from the rooftops.  Preferably a private rooftop under a heat lamp with a drink in hand.

So cheer to the weekend.  May it be filled with an earthy red, a cute boy, a comfy scarf, and a close friend.

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