Monday, March 19, 2012

Warning: Irony Ahead

Here's the thing about me - I tend to attract irony.  I plan a long weekend in LA with girlfriends and the forecast suggests it will be warmer here in NYC.  This is not the first time I've fled to the west coast with visions of summer heat dancing in my head only to bundle up in a leather jacket and scarf.  Either way, a little jaunt never hurt anyone and I'm hoping to get the chance to catch up with some great old friends who call the City of Angles home.

In other news, my tracking continues.  I have some friends who have recently hopped aboard the WW train and supporting each other has been a wonderful bonus.  When dining out with others who are happy to order easily track-able foods, makes socializing that much easier.  All in all, the weight loss has begun to  show on my face and perhaps my butt a bit.  I feel motivated and happy.  I'll be weighing in tomorrow since Wednesday will be spent in transit.  Fingers crossed!

Happy Monday!

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