Monday, April 9, 2012


There is something about a long drive with your family that makes most people want to take a sharp object to their eye.  Or is that just me?  First there is the arguing over musical choices.  Then there is the navigating and arguing.
 That being said, there is something completely blissful about roadtripping with your best friends.  I'm sure y'all have been missing my lists, so I'm about to make my blog friends very, very happy.  Here is a list of my most favorite road trips.  These are in no particular order.

1.  Drive to Hershey Park to see DMB: Fall 2003.  I drove my sweet little Cabrio, with three girlfriends.  We sang DMB at the top of our lungs the entire way, got completely lost, took an extra 40 minutes to get there and subsequently ran through the parking lot to make it into the concert as the first song began to play.  Oh and the drama didn't stop there, but that is all that is fit to print here.

2.  That time we convinced sister's BF to drive the van: Fall 2008.  Five women convinced one boy (the only one 25 at the time and therefore able to rent a car) to drive us to watch a PSU football game in one very lovely minivan.  We sang in unison for the first two hours, until our driver imposed an hour of silence.  Starving, we got off the highway at a sign for pizza, only to realize said pizza was actually in the snack bar of a very smokey bowling alley.  There is nothing like five 20-something women and one very patient 20-something man driving through central Pennsylvania in a minivan.  Good times were had by most.

3.  My first drive to the Hamptons: Summer 2007  Little did we know a twin mattress on the floor awaited us.  We drove with the top of my Cabrio down, feeling fancy.  It was the first weekend I learned the meaning of overpriced cover charge.  That weekend also solidified my appreciate for trains.  A 3-ish hour drive with a few girlfriends turned into a five hour drive home, exhausted and hungover.

4.  The Cohen sisters head south: Summer 2009.  Jackie and I drove to Margate to stay with our respective besties.  We hit so much traffic on the Garden State Parkway (don't you just love New Jersey) that I drove over the  median to get off the next exit.  Not my best driving, but oh my God I just couldn't take it anymore.  We knew our Dad would be proud.  He is the king of aggressive driving, after all.

5.  The City of Angles: Spring 2012.  Three girlfriends, driving around LA in a tiny Suzuki, using GPS and Google maps and still getting lost.  Driving for what felt like hours to search for parking then drive some more.  That trip certainly quenched my thirst for driving and if I don't get behind the wheel again for several months, that's alright with me.

What is your favorite road trip?

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Ashley @ Hop Skip Jump said...

What about the trip to Boston?? No side mirror, the foliage and Casey reading US weekly! That's def top 5 in my book.