Thursday, April 5, 2012

Well, That's New...

When I'm trying to move on (from a boy, lost job opportunity, fight with a friend, etc) I adhere strictly to the the "out of sight, out of mind" school of thought.  I will "unsubscribe" from you on Facebook in an effort to shield my eyes from you smiling with the girl you're currently in love with.  I will skip a dinner where I will have to interact with you.  I will throw myself full steam ahead into a new project.  I will mantra until I can't mantra no more.  Every once in a while I will torture myself.  Just a little bit.  Just the tip.  Just to see how it feels.  (What movie people?)

Last night I looked at someones Facebook page that I hadn't in months and...I felt nothing.  I did not get that awful pit in my stomach.  Nada.  Zilch.  In fact, I think I felt happy.  Not necessarily for this person, but for myself.  So, yeah, that's fun and new.  Really new.  I think it was a sign that I finally accept the role this person has played in my life.  Do not get me wrong, acceptance can be a bitch.  But, once you have it, it is so worth the work it took to get there.

Happy Thursday!

Oh and do not follow my example.  I will NOT be testing myself like that any time soon.

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