Friday, May 18, 2012


I should probably warn you, this post is going to be all over the place.  I'm using my lunch break to update the blog, which I normally am so happy to do, but I feel a bit guilty that my posting has been so sporadic.  So I'll be trying to do a full brain dump.  Here is just a list of stuff.

1.  I referred to myself as a "musical slut" in an email yesterday.  I am melodically promiscuous (Oops I did it again), but after I hit send I was like who am I?
2.  I have been on a tattoo kick for the past few weeks.  Not getting actual tattoos, but admiring boys who have them.  A tattoo voyeur, if you will.
3.  I have pictured myself in a wedding dress twice this week.
4.  I have lost it over cute dogs four times.  Once last night while enjoying a glass of wine al fresco.
5.  I have woken up at 5am every day this week because I was scared of oversleeping.
6.  I have thought about this one moment (which took place several years ago) over and over again this week.  I had to use a mantra to just "let it go."  It was work, but totally worth it.
7.  I did my "cant control it I'm so happy" clap at least a dozen times.
8.  I walked from the Financial District to Grand Central last night simply because it was beautiful out and I was too happy to be a sardine on the subway.
9.  I have thought why not every single day.
10.  I laughed until my stomach hurt every single day
11. I walked to my sisters apartment last night in an outfit I haven't worn since college.  It consisted of cropped leggings, layered tank tops, a jean jacket, and flip flops.  HOT.

What have you guys been up to?

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