Monday, May 14, 2012

Single, Double

Why hello there, blog friends.  No, I have not forgotten about you.  I have just been overwhelmingly busy and for that I apologize.  Today is a gray, rainy (yet warm) day here in NYC and I'll be spending most of it alone with my computer getting as much work done as humanly possible.  I find Mondays like today the hardest to get going.  The weather is eh, I'm not feeling great (hi cramps) and I have so much to do.

So instead of going on a huge rant about how cranky I am, I'd like to share this gem of a dating story.  After a few dates, instead of doing the usual "fade out" a guy actually told me he had fun, I was great blah blah, but that he didn't see if going any further.  How refreshing?  I would so much rather hear that than radio silence and wonder if the person dropped off the face of the earth.  Here's some advice for my (very few) male readers: do not do a disappearing act.  It's far classier and kinder to be upfront and honest.  Man, it's hard out there sometimes.

That being said, I'd like to leave you all with a gorgeous picture of Central Park I took on Saturday during an epic walk with my sister.  The weather was perfect and NYC was out to play!

Here's to a busy week filled with great things!

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