Monday, May 21, 2012

Today In...

...creepy online dating messages:

"Well, if I saw you on the street I'd sure smile at you.  Or more."

Because it's Monday and I'm a cranky cynic, I'll take that or more as the possibility of being murdered.

...and in family photos:

Here is me with baby Finley.  One of my oldest friends is a mommy!  It completely blows my mind and I fully sobbed twice throughout the baby naming yesterday.  Our families are so close they're like, well, family and I couldn't be happier for Syd and Jaime.  Also thrown in is a blurry iPhone photo for good measure.  You may recognize the blond (my sister) and the closest thing to a younger brother I will ever have/want, Brandon (the proud Uncle!).  It was so great to be together to celebrate.

You're welcome, blog friends.  Carry on.

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