Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mid-Week Check-In

Hi, blog friends.  I hope everyone is having a splendid day.  The weather here in NCY is momentarily amazing and I plan to savor every second before the humidity and soaring temps return.  I am about to do something shocking; listen to my Mother.  This week has been interesting so far, to say the least, but in an attempt not to overshare here are just a few observations:

1.  One hour and one iced coffee are simply not enough, dude.
2.  Always trust my gut.
3.  Must learn to take the term "curvy" as a compliment.
4.  Must continue on my fruits/veggies kick.  I feel great.
5.  Haircut.  ASAP.
6.  It seems men over thirty appreciate the "curvy" ladies.  What is up with that, guys in your 20's??
7.  Letting go is always the answer.
8.  Sometimes listening is more important than talking.
9.  When I think someone is too sarcastic, they must be a total jackass.
10.  Now I know how my friends feel.
11.  Duplexes in the West Village with Hudson views are dope.
12.  I need to stop discussing my love of Anderson Cooper with strangers.

Carry on, blog friends.

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