Friday, June 8, 2012

The Urge...

I haven't felt the need to write in a long time; that urge I used to experience nearly every day.  Truth be told, I'm a better blogger when I'm miserable.  Misery loves company and all of that.  When I'm doing well, professionally, personally, physically, I feel weird writing about it.  I have no idea why this is the case.  A gut reaction that stems from jealousy I suppose.  When I read other peoples' blogs (which I do regularly) and every day they're amazing boyfriend/fiance/husband is bringing them flowers, and they had a fantastic workout and got a promotion and bought a house and went to a fashion blogger event I want to throw up.  No one's life can be that perfect.  And the fact of the matter is their lives are not perfect.  Blogging is big business these days.  A lot of people choose to focus on the ups and not the downs.  That is completely their prerogative.
 I'm a Jew.  We over share.  A lot.  You guys know how much I've weighed for the last five years.  Holy shit, five years.  You've seen my (formerly) twenty-pound-overweight ass in a bikini.  Several times.  You've seen pictures of the most important people in my life (those who will allow it).  Lately I've been writing about my dating patterns, cute boys with beards, music, and throwing in a bit of WW here and there.  I've been working late and often bringing my laptop into bed with me to finish one last thing.  I feel stressed frequently.  I haven't worked out in a long time.  Really worked out I mean.  I'm having trouble finding my motivation to re-start my Couch to 5K.  Enter blog, stage left.
I needed to get it all out there.  Yes, I want to look better in a bikini.  Don't we all?  But, I think getting my exercise groove on will also help alleviate stress and sleep better.  Good health.  Look better.  Feel better.  I sound like a magazine.
Anyway, thanks for listening as always blog friends.  I feel better already.

I realized I never shared any Montauk pictures.  Let me remedy that ASAP.

Gorgeous, am I right?

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