Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting Comfy...

I have had some seriously bizarre conversations with members of the opposite sex in the last seven months.  Surprisingly the majority that come to mind do not involve politics or Anderson Cooper (although those topics were discussed more than the recommended amount I am sure).  The conversations that made me most uncomfortable centered around one word: curvy.

I simply cannot stand that word.  Curvy.  I don't even like the look of it.  Should I react so strongly to being classified as curvy?  Surely not.  Should I embrace my body and be comfortable in my skin?  Of course!  Some days I feel like a total dime.  Others I throw my hair in a wet bun and consider lip balm makeup.  Thinness is never something I have known.  I am aware that I have curves.  Boobs, butt, the whole shebang.  Discussion of said curves has been limited to my best friends, sister, and mother until recent months and to be completely honest I was comfortable with that.  Extremely comfortable.  Lately every, single guy I come into contact with uses the "c" word.  Whether is be via email, text or in person the word is haunting me.  Should I take it as a compliment?  I have no freaking clue.  All I know is that I would never comment on a man's body via text or email.  I simply would not feel the need to do that.  I have racked my brain for an instance on a first date when a comment on a mans' body would be warranted and one such situation could not be found.

Body image is something I have struggled to come to terms with in the past decade.  Not to sound all "woe is me" but comments regarding my body have been largely negative when it comes to the male species.  As I've gotten older and the men I'm around are older the talk of my curves has been a regular occurrence that I have struggled to respond to appropriately.  On two dates (with difference men) I was referred to as curvy...and inside my head I wanted to scream: STOP CALLING ME CURVY! Of course, I acted like a lady and did not yell at my date but tried to move the conversation in another direction.  This post is sort of out of order, but hopefully it makes a bit of sense.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've worked so hard to take the emphasis off my weight and figure and try to be healthy and happy. All of this curvy talk has brought the focus back to my body and that makes me, well, uncomfortable.  It has long been rumored that men love curves, but I had never heard a real life man say that until recently.  It has thrown me for a loop.  Here's my advice to the male population: on a first date a simple "you look great" will suffice.  As for me, well I need to get it together, girl.

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