Monday, August 27, 2012

Southern Comfort...Part 1

This past weekend was spent down South.  Really south.  So far south that I actually heard a man (wearing a cowboy hat, natch) refer to our group as Yankees.  You certainly don't hear that everyday.  I hopped a very early plane on Friday morning armed with magazines, coffee, and a bestie from across the pond.  We landed in Nashville just in time to begin eating.  And eat we did.  Did you know they fried jalapenos?  Me either.  They are delicious.  Just not in combination with a spicy Bloody Mary.  Fried green tomatoes?  Don't mind if I do.  Slow-cooked pulled BBQ chicken on "Cajun cakes."  I mean, I am salivating just remembering that lunch.  We moved on to learn the true meaning of Honky Tonk and ended our afternoon singing Fall Out Boy to a room full of cowboys and dancing on a bar.  That was just Friday.

Much much more to come...

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