Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Subway Romance

So I have been lucky enough to witness a lot of interesting things while living in New York City.  Well, today I saw firsthand the elusive "subway romance."  Let me set the scene.  F train at Bryant Park.  I get on, along with a short, stocky man wearing navy and black, but that is neither here nor there.  Man sits across from woman.  He smiles and does that sort of wave sort of head nod thing.  She smiles back.  He keeps watching her and she keeps smiling.  I am standing leaning against the door watching this unfold beneath my sunglasses.  Right before I get off she leans across the subway car and hands the man a note.  A handwritten note on pink paper with flowers.  You couldn't make this shit up.  I can barely make out her handwriting but I do see digits.  He smiles and laughs while reading the note.  I am forced to get off at my stop and have spent the last thirty minutes wondering if I just watched two people fall in love.

Only in New York, folks.

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Ashley @ Hop Skip Jump said...

How old do you think they were? I'm sure that made your ride go quicker!